Secret Garden – Just the Two of Us Review

Just the Two of Us is a collection of songs where Rolf Løvland and Fionnuala Sherry perform Secret Garden classics without any … [Read More...]


Amethystium – Transience review

Øystein Ramfjord's Amethystium is one of the very few music projects these days with a unique, distinct sound. Like Enigma or … [Read More...]


The New Reality of Promoting Music

In music things change fast. The distribution models for publishing and monetizing music have been altered many times over the … [Read More...]


You’ll never hunger for music anymore

BJORN's BLOG: When I started blogging 5 years ago I always made sure that all album reviews had links to places where the … [Read More...]


New Age Music Played Backwards

Everyone knows the joke; Q: What do you get when you play New Age music backwards? A: New Age Music. But is it really true? I … [Read More...]


The Most Relaxing Music Ever

As a radio host for a popular New Age music show I get to sample a lot of music custom made for relaxation and sleep. … [Read More...]


Tron Syvertsen at Hollywood Piano

Tron Syversen, TronMusic.com is a pioneer in the growing European relaxation music community. Blending his … [Read More...]

Yanni Live

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Kitaro Sale on iTunes

There's currently a sale on selected Kitaro albums on iTunes. But don't worry; you have all the time you need; the sale doesn't end before June … [Read More...]


The Perfect Mantra

To find meditation music that is both healing and effective can be a challenge. It is basically a question about what is right for you in your life, … [Read More...]


Celebrating the Silences

Thirty years after his breakthrough album, Steve Roach is still in the Sonoran Desert creating "resonant sonic spaces" Jason P. Woodbury of Tuscon … [Read More...]


Upcoming Clifford White album – The Beach

Sometimes this year, Clifford White will release a new album called The Beach. Here is a presentation of the project: Featuring Clifford Whites’s … [Read More...]


New Yanni Interview

My colleague John P. Olsen on New Age Music World has done a marvelous interview with Yanni. John: You are an international music celebrity whose … [Read More...]


Clifford White – The Gods Of Olympus Review

Greek mythology continues to amaze new generations. The tales of gods and heroes, and the battle between good and evil, have had an extensive … [Read More...]


The Return of Mike Oldfield

In connection with the Man on the Rocks-album, Jim DeRogatis has some very interesting comments in his review of Mike Oldfield's most recent … [Read More...]


Amethystium – Transience review

Øystein Ramfjord's Amethystium is one of the very few music projects these days with a unique, distinct sound. Like Enigma or Enya, Amethystium too is … [Read More...]


Laura Sullivan – America’s Stonehenge video

Click to see the wonderful video Andreas Petz has made for Laura Sullivan's America's Stonehenge song. Amazing song, amazing video and, above all, … [Read More...]


Myristica – Little Oak review

Little Oak is the third album by Myristica. It is a collection of soft and quiet melodies. But don't let their simplicity fool you, because there is … [Read More...]


Finzer/Mahoney Duo Performs

Click to see the Finzer/Mahoney Duo on local TV show Good Day Rochester. They're performing in-studio and telling us about their upcoming benefit at … [Read More...]


New Video by Matteo Palmer

Click to see the new video by Matteo Palmer for the song called The Minstrel's Trial. Also, do check out my review of his album Out of Nothing … [Read More...]


New Album By Myristica

Myristica has just released her new album Waiting for Yesterday. Myristica is a music project by Mai-Ling Grey, and this album is the follow-up to … [Read More...]


Peter Sterling – Visions of Paradise DVD

Peter Sterling is now ready with an audio CD and DVD called Visions of Paradise. Here is a presentation: Visions of Paradise is a multi-dimensional … [Read More...]


The Nexion-Project – Far Away review

It is always interesting when an artist does something new, something quite different and original. The music of The Nexion Project is usually close … [Read More...]


Man on the Rocks – Track by track comments

Click to view Mike Oldfield commenting his latest album Man on the Rocks track by track. The video is only available in certain countries. Also, … [Read More...]


Cosmo Frequency – Soundtrack to Life review

In music artists usually get praise for having found their voice, format and expression. With Cosmo Frequency's debut album Soundtrack to Life it is … [Read More...]


New Earth Records – An Introduction

New Earth Records recently moved from Santa Fe, NM to Niwot, CO. Click to see the interview in local newspaper, Left Hand Valley … [Read More...]


Two New Albums by Peter Kater

Two new recordings by Peter Kater have now been released. Ritual is an album created with R. Carlos Nakai, and Civil War: The Untold Story is the … [Read More...]

Fresh New Age Music Video

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Kerani – Arctic Sunrise Review

When we read and watch movies about great expeditions and impressive voyages into unknown territory we can't help asking; what made these heroes do as … [Read More...]


A Big Pack of Sweet Lullabies

I am usually not a big fan of remixes, but for Deep Forest’s Sweet Lullaby I am ready to make an exception. On this album, released back in 2007, you … [Read More...]


Peter Buffett – The Waiting (1987) review

Sometimes listening to an album feels like opening a good, aged bottle of wine. Music has, like wine, a vintage. Peter Buffett's debut album The … [Read More...]


The Nexion-Project – Land of Dreams Review

Movie soundtracks is a rich and influential music genre. Through carefully composed music a movie director can tell the viewer what to expect and what … [Read More...]


Sherry Finzer – Sanctuary II – Earth Review

I find that many meditation albums have too much melody and rhythm. Sometimes this makes it harder to meditate and find the peace you need. But today … [Read More...]


The Nexion-Project – ConSequence review

ConSequence is the title of a revised edition of the albums Contacts and the sequel The Consummation by The Nexion Project, plus the brand new … [Read More...]


The Nexion-Project – Voices of the Ascension review

In our busy and hectic world it is no wonder that relaxation music is getting more and more popular. It helps the listener to find a sense of peace … [Read More...]


Hypnotica – The Sphinx of Imagination Review

It is rare for a new age music title to become part of mainstream culture. One such title is of course Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells (1973). Another … [Read More...]


Ola Gjeilo – Stone Rose Review

The song title is in a way the only lyrics in instrumental music. A few handpicked words describe a whole track. For some artists the name of a song … [Read More...]


Age of Echoes – Kingdom of the Sky review

Sometimes it feels great to let the mind take flight and dream about the greatness and beauty of our planet and the universe beyond. When listening to … [Read More...]


Serenity Relaxing Spa Music – Review

Serenity Relaxing Spa Music by Aqua Purha is a massive collection of music. It consists of nothing less than 101 tracks, or a total of over 6 hours … [Read More...]


Longing For Orpheus – Somnia review

Instrumental synth music will never be as popular as music with vocals. Many people need a vocal in order to appreciate a song. The album Somnia by … [Read More...]

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