Interview with Yanni in China

Check out Yanni’s discussion with Yang Lan, one of China’s most respected journalists. It is now available on … [Read More. New Age Music]


Dan Kennedy – Bloom Road Review

It is impossible to feel down when you are walking or driving on a blooming road. This is also the feeling Dan … [Read More. New Age Music]


Omnisphere 2 Coming Soon

In New Age music Spectrasonics' Omnisphere synth has been one of the most widely used software synths since … [Read More. New Age Music]


The Biggest New Age Music Collection Ever (seriously)

In New Age music there's no shortage of collections for relaxation, yoga, reiki and meditation. But even in … [Read More. New Age Music]


How Yanni Got His Very Own Panda

Huffington Post has an article called How Yanni Got His Very Own Panda. It is a great read if you don't know … [Read More. New Age Music]


The First New Age Music Grammy

The first New Age music Grammy was in 1987 handed out to Andreas Vollenweider for the album Down to the Moon. Here I'm going to take a closer look at this … [Read More. New Age Music]

Enigma 8 – E8. New album coming soon.

Jean-Michel Jarre – New album coming soon.

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Tubular Bells: The Mike Oldfield Story

The documentary Tubular Bells: The Mike Oldfield Story is now airing on BBC Four. It is also available on Youtube for international viewers. It is available here, or on Youtube here.   … [Read More...]


What the world needs now

Webpage The Examiner.com has posted a review of New Age music aritst Laura Sullivan's 900 Voices song. It goes like this: The list of songs to Laura Sullivan’s credit is too numerous to mention. The San Francisco-based pianist … [Read More...]


“900 Voices” Global Video

Laura Sullivan has now released her “900 Voices” Global Video. Watch it here. And here's information from CultureCounterMag.com: Grammy award-winning composer and artist Laura Sullivan’s follow-up to her prestigious win … [Read More...]


Deep Forest’s 2015 Studio Setup

Deep Forest fans have a lot to look forward to in 2015. Eric Mouquet writes: Lot of exciting projects coming this year, new Deep Forest album and a super big production project, I will tell you more in May, stay tuned ! Here is … [Read More...]


Upcoming album by Jeff Oster

With his newest album, Next, Jeff Oster brings his horn front and center – you'll hear his unmistakable tone floating over these 12 new tracks like never before. For Jeff, this album is about rebirth and change, and tells the … [Read More...]


New Jim Brickman Album & Book

Jim Brickman will soon release an album and book, which are both called Soothe. In connection with these releases, Jim has created a PledgeMusic.com project. He writes: Hello, Everyone! I’d like to start off saying thank you … [Read More...]


John Adorney – The Wind Pearl

One of the most popular artists in New Age music, John Adorney, has launched a Kickstarter project for the funding of his new CD  called The Wind Pearl. John writes: Many of you are probably aware of (or were a part of) my 2013 … [Read More...]


Paradiso & Rasamayi’s New Album

New Age music artists Paradiso & Rasamayi announce that their new album Celestial Resonance will begin manufacture in just a few short weeks. About the album Paradiso & Rasamayi write: “Celestial Resonance” will be a … [Read More...]


Dan Kennedy – Bloom Road Review

It is impossible to feel down when you are walking or driving on a blooming road. This is also the feeling Dan Kennedy is communicating on his new release Bloom Road. It is a fresh feel-good album with a poetic touch. Bloom … [Read More...]


New Interview with Ricky Kej

New Age music Grammy winner Ricky Kej says to LiveMint.com that Indian artists only have two options; to find audiences abroad or join the Hindi film industry. The interview goes like this: Ricky Kej studied to be a dentist … [Read More...]

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New Age Music, According to Bjorn


New Age Music Millionaires

BJORN'S BLOG: How much money is in today's New Age music business? I have had the pleasure of talking with a music … [Read More... New Age Music]


Gossip-Worthy Artists – And The Rest

Bjorn's Blog: What makes an artist interesting? The reason I'm asking is because that we today have access to so much … [Read More... New Age Music]

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Corciolli – Infinito Review

Some of the most interesting music is created in the crossing point between different genres.  Corciolli's new release Infinito is a New Age music … [Read More...]


Rob Young on Edgar Froese

On Artforum.com Rob Young has written an excellent article about the life and music of Edgar Froese. It goes like this: WHAT IS CALLED DRAMA in … [Read More...]


First Video Recording of Ancient Future

This video is an amazing archeological find: the very first video of Ancient Future, recorded in late 1978, months before Ancient Future's first … [Read More...]


News from Mike Oldfield

Here are two quick updates from the world of Mike Oldfield; 1.) Mike now has a Twitter account! And 2) Discovery and Killing Fields will be … [Read More...]


Two New Artists Signed to Real Music

Real Music has two new artists in their catalogue; Ashaneen (aka Piotr Janeczek) and Chris Haugen. Ashaneen (aka Piotr Janeczek) from Poland has … [Read More...]


An Almost Forgotten Yanni Album

In a discography as rich as Yanni's there will always be albums and projects that are overlooked and almost forgotten. This happens not because they … [Read More...]


Tangerine Dream Will Continue

Former Tangerine Dream member Peter Baumann has, according to Teamrock.com, vowed the band will continue following the death of Edgar … [Read More...]


New Age music keeps me engaged

Guest columnist Rick Watson in the newspaper Thomastontimes.com has written a great article called New Age music keeps me engaged. It is always … [Read More...]


Fiona Joy – Signature – Solo

Fiona Joy has just released her new album Signature - Solo. Here's the press release in connection with the album: San Francisco, CA -- … [Read More...]


New Album by Jean-Michel Jarre

On Twitter Jean-Michel Jarre has posted the above picture saying "A new album is on the horizon". Also, the song Glory from this album can be heard on … [Read More...]


Music in Tribute to Edgar Froese

With the sad passing of Tangerine Dream's Edgar Froese, Mark and Chris Jenkins are marking the end of an era of innovative electronic music with the … [Read More...]


New MG Music Website and Albums

The new website to Medwyn Goodall Music has just been launched. There's also 4 new albums available from MG Music artists. Medwyn Goodall … [Read More...]


Upcoming album by Mike Howe

Mike Howe's 5th album, called Lichens, will be released on 7th April. It is his first as an independent artist. Here you can listen to two of the … [Read More...]


New Age Music – A Major Market

It is always interesting to take a look back, and today I have this article for you from Billboard Magazine from March 1999: Click to read the … [Read More...]

Most recent reviews


Dan Kennedy – Bloom Road Review

It is impossible to feel down when you are walking or driving on a blooming road. This is also the feeling Dan Kennedy is communicating on his new … [Read More... New Age Music]


Corciolli – Infinito Review

Some of the most interesting music is created in the crossing point between different genres.  Corciolli's new release Infinito is a New Age music … [Read More... New Age Music]


5 New Medwyn Goodall Collections

Medwyn Goodall is one of the most productive artists in New Age music. With 150+ albums to his name, there is a real need for collections featuring … [Read More... New Age Music]


Spirit of the Rainforest Re-released

One of Terry Oldfield's finest albums, Spirit of the Rainforest, has now been re-released. It captures the magic and mystery of the rainforest like no … [Read More... New Age Music]


Jon Richards – Midwinter Review

There aren't that many winter themed albums in our genre, but the few we have are generally very good. For artists it usually make more commercial … [Read More... New Age Music]


Gymnosphere’s Place in New Age Music History

There's lots of New Age music history that's hidden on dusty tapes and scratchy records, waiting to be discovered like a treasure chest. In 2013 we … [Read More... New Age Music]


Carmen Rubino – Aquarian Dream Review

Most people dream about going on a big adventure. We want to travel far away and experience something totally different. But for most people it will … [Read More... New Age Music]


Mark Pinkus – The Peace Messenger Review

What does peace sound like? Silence perhaps? No. Silence is just the absence of sounds. Peace is more of a feeling and a state of mind. Mark Pinkus' … [Read More... New Age Music]


John Otott – Flying Machines Review

To fly is to be free. It is the ultimate form of travelling. John Otott's Flying Machines (2011) is a collection of songs that all have the boldness … [Read More... New Age Music]


Jerry Rockwell – Tapping at the Edge of Paradise Review

What is the sound of paradise? It is of course impossible to get a precise answer to that question. But I think that Jerry Rockwell on his new album … [Read More... New Age Music]


John Otott – Colors Review

Something magical happens when an artist manages to connect music with colors. It adds an extra dimension to any piece of music. One album that has … [Read More... New Age Music]


Sherry Finzer – Beyond the Dream Review

Beyond the Dream is the third installment in Sherry Finzer's highly successful Sanctuary series. This time she gives us a collection of both original … [Read More... New Age Music]


Jon Richards – Vision Quest Review

Native American mythology is still a very popular theme in New Age music. Jon Richards' new album is called Vision Quest. Here he invites us into the … [Read More... New Age Music]


Doug Hammer & Amethyste – Secret World Review

Some music has the power to transport your mind to another world. Simply by clicking the play button you get a glimpse into another dimension. The … [Read More... New Age Music]


Tron Syversen – Piano Poems Review

In today's busy and hectic world it can be a challenge to find effective ways to de-stress and unwind. For many listening to calming music may be of … [Read More... New Age Music]


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