Yoed Nir – The Next Dream Review

Cellist Yoed Nir's The Next Dream is a complex and quite dark album. Yet it is impossible not to be amazed by its foreboding … [Read More...]


Jillian Aversa – Atlantis Awakening Review

There's no doubt that Jillian Aversa is one of the most popular new artists in our genre. Jillian's vocal combined with Andrew … [Read More...]


Social Media for Artists

The importance of social media is growing by the day, and no artists - established or beginners - can afford to sit quiet. An … [Read More...]


New Age Music Millionaires

BJORN'S BLOG: How much money is in today's New Age music business? I have had the pleasure of talking with a music business … [Read More...]


New Age Music Played Backwards

Everyone knows the joke; Q: What do you get when you play New Age music backwards? A: New Age Music. But is it really true? I … [Read More...]


Hearts of Space Review

Click to read Matt Nida's in-depth review of Hearts of Space and its service. It goes like this: Early this year I … [Read More...]

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New Mike Oldfield Albums on LP

According to Recordshopx.com, a few of Mike Oldfield's albums from the Warner days will be released on vinyl for the first time. There might be a … [Read More...]


Windtalker – Canyon Whispers

Randy “Windtalker” Motz has recently released his second Native America flute CD, “Canyon Whispers”. The 14-song CD blends the rich and hauntingly … [Read More...]


Jon Richards – Elysian Fields Review

I love music that almost instantly creates a fantasy world in the listener’s mind. You only have to close your eyes, and the song will take you to … [Read More...]


Terry Oldfield – Sweet Awakenings

The name of the upcoming Terry Oldfield album is Sweet Awakenings. As of writing, not much is known about the album - but we have received the above … [Read More...]


New Sacred Earth Collection in August

In mid August, Real Music will re-release three of Sacred Earth's previous albums, plus release a collection called Breath of Life. Inspired by … [Read More...]


New Age Music and Gaming

Did you know that New Age music artists have made music for a-list games series such as Halo, World of Warcraft, Grand Theft Auto and Civilization? … [Read More...]


Fiona Joy confronts her ‘new age music’ tag

Fiona Joy has been interviewed in The Sydney Morning Herald, where she confronts her 'new age music' tag. Don’t get Fiona Joy started on names. … [Read More...]


2002 Performance at the ZMR Music Awards

Click to see 2002's performance at this years ZMR Music Awards. … [Read More...]


Jillian Aversa – Atlantis Awakening Review

There's no doubt that Jillian Aversa is one of the most popular new artists in our genre. Jillian's vocal combined with Andrew Aversa's synth … [Read More...]


Deep Forest – Deep India Review

Last year Deep Forest released the album Deep India. It is the second album in the Deep series, where Deep Brasil was the first release. Deep India … [Read More...]

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New Age Music, According to Bjorn


Gossip-Worthy Artists – And The Rest

Bjorn's Blog: What makes an artist interesting? The reason I'm asking is because that we today have access to so much … [Read More...]


New Age Music is Everywhere

Bjorn's Blog: If you love metal, punk, jazz or most other music genres, you have to make an effort to listen to that … [Read More...]

New Age Music Odyssey on Youtube

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Yanni’s Daughter Krystal Ann

On the recent interview on Oprah, Yanni talked about his relationship with his daughter Krystal Ann. It was not before in April this year it became … [Read More...]


The Album That Made Enya Into A Superstar

More than 25 years after its initial release, Enya's Watermark has proven itself as a timeless classic. I believe Enya when she says she was surprised … [Read More...]


Enya’s Next Album

When will Enya's new album be released? As of writing we don't know. The only information we have is that Enya, Roma and Nicky have been to Abbey Road … [Read More...]


New Age Music Sounds Terrific Underwater

Guess what; New Age music sounds terrific underwater! This according to Bill Becker at the  30th annual Lower Keys Underwater Music Festival, held at … [Read More...]


Yanni on Oprah

Click to see an interview with Yanni before the Oprah's Where are they now - 25 years after. Yanni says that for him being an artist is all about … [Read More...]


Fiona Joy ZMR Awards Show New Orleans

Here is Fiona Joy's performance from the ZMR Awards Show New Orleans. An amazing performance by one of our finest artists!    Here at … [Read More...]


Stephen Peppos – Still Review

Some albums are like great novels; If you let them, they can take your mind on a pleasant and interesting journey - far from the troubles of the … [Read More...]


Remembering Paul Horn – by Steven Halpern

Steven Halpern writes: Almost thirty years ago to the week, Paul Horn and I met in the studio to record what turned out to be quite an historic … [Read More...]


Medwyn Goodall – Thunder Drums (Taiko) Review

There is a big demand for all kinds of sounds these days. Releases that few physical music stores would sell are now easily available digitally. One … [Read More...]


The Making of Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells

Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells (1973) always seems relevant. It is like a well of creativity and youthful optimism that never gets empty. Here I'll … [Read More...]


Dolma by Dechen Shak-Dagsay

Click for a free download of the song Dolma by Dechen Shak-Dagsay. Universal Healing Power of Tibetan Mantras is her debut album, eldest daughter of … [Read More...]


Paul Horn – Inside the Taj Mahal (1968)

Paul Horn's Inside the Taj Mahal from 1968 is considered to be the second New Age music album released, after Tony Scott's Music for Zen Meditation … [Read More...]


Paul Horn, Father of New Age Music

Click to read The Guardian's article about Paul Horn. Grammy award-winning musician and recording artist who performed with Frank Sinatra and Miles … [Read More...]


Al Gromer Khan – Tibet Shakti

Click to sample Al Gromer Khan upcoming album Tibet Shakti. In this album, Al Gromer Khan's minimalistic approach to sound brings you the pure essence … [Read More...]

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Mythos – Journey Review

Mythos' album Journey (2013) is, as the title implies, a voyage in sound. From modern electronic sounds to classically-inspired tracks, this is indeed … [Read More...]


Deva Premal and Miten – Mantras for Life Review

Deva Premal and Miten's new album Mantras for Life is a collection of - yes, you guessed right - mantras. The selection is great, and they are … [Read More...]


Peaceful Hearts – Terry Oldfield and Soraya Review

If I only were to listen to one New Age music album this year, Peaceful Hearts by Terry Oldfield and Soraya would be my choice. It is one of the most … [Read More...]


David Arkenstone – Starlight Inception Review

Game music is rarely meant simply for listening. Much like film scores, it is background music made for a given context and often has little value for … [Read More...]


Diane Arkenstone: Following the Equator

Diane Arkenstone's Following the Equator (2005) is without a doubt one of the finest New Age music albums released over the last 10-20 years. Its … [Read More...]


Wychazel – The Healing Light of Isis review

Ancient Egypt is one of my favorite themes for a New Age music album. There's much about its mythology and the magic of pyramids that fit very well … [Read More...]


John Adorney – The Wonder Well Review

It is easy to compare John Adorney's music with a magical well; it can be like a source for refreshment, relaxation and positive emotions. So when I … [Read More...]


Transmission by Doucet and Buehner

According to one definition art is “the creation of beautiful or significant things”. A New Age music album that is both beautiful and significant is … [Read More...]


Asher Quinn – State of Grace review

We don't have many artists like Asher Quinn in out genre. His great vocal and religious inspired music make him stand out. State of Grace is a … [Read More...]


Chinmaya Dunster – Meditation Ragas review

Chinmaya Dunster's new album is a collection of meditative songs with focus on the senses. Here there are songs for sight, hearing, taste and more. … [Read More...]


Richard Thiesen – Mayan Stars Review

Listening to Mayan Stars by Richard Thiesen is like taking a truly enjoyable journey. From the deepest jungles to the distant stars of Mayan … [Read More...]


Two Amazing Albums by Tron

We are all masters in finding ways to live even more busy and hectic lives. It is not easy slowing down. Here relaxation music by Tron Syvertsen can … [Read More...]


Lawrence Blatt – Emergence Review

Few albums in New Age music these days are based on improvisation. That's really a bit strange, since albums with many improvisation elements, like … [Read More...]


Myristica – Waiting for Yesterday Review

Don't you love when one of your favorite artists is getting better and better for each release? Then you are reminded why you became a fan in the … [Read More...]


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