First single from Nitish Kulkarni

It's always exciting to check out a new artist, and it feels even more rewarding when you realize that this is an artist … [Read More. New Age Music]


Terry Oldfield – Sweet Awakenings Review

There's nothing better than waking up with a feeling of positivity and happiness, with no worries and a healthy dose of … [Read More. New Age Music]


Synth Review – Dune 2 from Synapse Audio

For artists: Dune 2 is the name of Synapse-Audio's new flagship synth. In this review I will look at this synth's … [Read More. New Age Music]


The Biggest New Age Music Collection Ever (seriously)

In New Age music there's no shortage of collections for relaxation, yoga, reiki and meditation. But even in this myriad … [Read More. New Age Music]


Conversation With Yanni – Dreams Do Come True

One BIG Yanni fan - Maria Senise - had a dream; to have a conversation with Yanni. And yes, it came through, on her … [Read More. New Age Music]


Great and Personal Terry Oldfield Video

Click to see this amazing video with Terry Oldfield. Filmed in Kent,England in early June 2014, it tells the … [Read More. New Age Music]

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The Enigmatic Trance Atlantic Air Waves

Trance Atlantic Air Waves, or just T.A.A.W, was a side-project by Enigma's Michael Cretu and Jens Gad in the late 1990s. Among the band's fans today … [Read More...]


The Best of Mythos – Instrumentals

Mythos’ Bob D’Eith and Paul Schmidt have worked together for 20 years creating their unique brand of ethereal, electronic, other worldly music. Now … [Read More...]


Q&A with Yanni at The Grammy Museum

Click to see the complete Q&A with Yanni at The Grammy Museum. It is an amazing and personal interview with this true, one-of-a-kind New Age music … [Read More...]


Concert with Asher Quinn & Myristica

Two of the finest artists in New Age music, Asher Quinn & Myristica, will perform live on October 4th, in Sussex, UK. See below poster: … [Read More...]


New Album by Terry Oldfield

A new album by Terry Oldifeld is now out, entitled Guardian Angel. Terry gives the following presentation: Music that speaks of the great voyage that … [Read More...]


Suzin Green – Daughter of the Mountain

Following a 12 year hiatus spent deepening her practice and refining her message, master kirtan singer Suzin Green announces the release of her newest … [Read More...]


New Album by David Arkenstone

 David Arkenstone has just released an album called Native Chill - Spirits Calling. According to David, this is a "A Native American Chillout … [Read More...]


Ask Yanni a Question

Now you have the chance to ask Yanni a question for tomorrow's conversation at the Grammy Museum in LA. The Q & A will be streamed on on … [Read More...]


Terry Oldfield – Sweet Awakenings Review

There's nothing better than waking up with a feeling of positivity and happiness, with no worries and a healthy dose of optimism. This is the feeling … [Read More...]


Kitaro – Thinking of You (Remastered)

On 14th October Kitaro will release a remastered version of his 1999, Grammy award winning album Thinking of You. Moved by the nomination for Best New … [Read More...]

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New Age Music, According to Bjorn


New Age Music Millionaires

BJORN'S BLOG: How much money is in today's New Age music business? I have had the pleasure of talking with a music … [Read More... New Age Music]


Gossip-Worthy Artists – And The Rest

Bjorn's Blog: What makes an artist interesting? The reason I'm asking is because that we today have access to so much … [Read More... New Age Music]

New Age Music Odyssey on Youtube

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Dan Kennedy – Lantern

Today I want to talk about one of my favorite piano albums from the last few years: Dan Kennedy's debut album Lantern (2007). New Age Solo Piano is … [Read More...]


Tangerine Dream Live in Melbourn, Australia

On 16th November Tangerine Dream will perform live in Melbourn, Australia. Quantum Years will start with the opening theme from Ricochet played by … [Read More...]


EverSound Colors DVD

Not many music DVDs are made these days, but here's a great one: the EverSound Colors DVD. This DVD creates an environment for inspiration and … [Read More...]


Jim Brickman – On A Winter’s Night Pre-Order

On October 7th Jim Brickman will release what is sure to become one of the most popular albums this Christmas: On A Winter's Night. The album may … [Read More...]


Conversation With Yanni – Dreams Do Come True

One BIG Yanni fan - Maria Senise - had a dream; to have a conversation with Yanni. And yes, it came through, on her bachelorette party! On … [Read More...]


Medwyn Goodall – Medicine Woman V Review

Medicine Woman is one of Medwyn Goodall's most successful series. Album number five, called Transformation, is now out - and it marks the return to … [Read More...]


Kevin Kern ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Time has come for a New Age music artist to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Kevin Kern was challenged by his lovely wife, Pam - and he happily … [Read More...]


Deuter – Reiki Hands of Love

The name of Deuter's upcoming album is Reiki Hands of Love. Click for a sample. Here is a presentation of the album: As human beings, we have … [Read More...]


Worldwide release for Kitaro’s new album

Today is the worldwide release date for Kitaro's album Symphony Live in Istanbul. The album is now up on iTunes and Spotify. The album is … [Read More...]


Mike Oldfield’s Metal Gear Solid Success

Over the summer, Mike Oldfield's song Nuclear, from the Man on the Rocks album, has become one of the top songs on Spotify's 50 Viral Songs list. Why? … [Read More...]


Guy Sweens – The Legend of Ganesha

The Legend of Ganesha marks the conclusion of Guy Sweens’s highly popular India trilogy (where Gaya of Wisdom and Kamadeva where the two first) . Yet … [Read More...]


Iasos Concert and Workshop

Iasos live is an extremely rare occurrence, but when it does happen, his shows are one-to-two-hour multimedia experiences complete with self-designed … [Read More...]


Soothing Lullabies for Mother and Child

  A Baby's Lullaby is a three-volume new age music series created by German composer Chantal Hartmann that serves as a natural sleep aid and … [Read More...]


Jim Brickman – Timeless

Jim Brickman's new album, Timeless, is now out. It is a collection of 15 favorite classics and intimate new originals. The album reflects the music … [Read More...]

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Transcend with Time – When Emotions Fade

Transcend with Time's album When Emotions Fade (2013) is a proof that staying true to your artistic integrity will make you a better artist. It is an … [Read More... New Age Music]


Yoed Nir – The Next Dream Review

Cellist Yoed Nir's The Next Dream is a complex and quite dark album. Yet it is impossible not to be amazed by its foreboding beauty. Nir is master … [Read More... New Age Music]


Jillian Aversa – Atlantis Awakening Review

There's no doubt that Jillian Aversa is one of the most popular new artists in our genre. Jillian's vocal combined with Andrew Aversa's synth … [Read More... New Age Music]


Deep Forest – Deep India Review

Last year Deep Forest released the album Deep India. It is the second album in the Deep series, where Deep Brasil was the first release. Deep India … [Read More... New Age Music]


Stephen Peppos – Still Review

Some albums are like great novels; If you let them, they can take your mind on a pleasant and interesting journey - far from the troubles of the … [Read More... New Age Music]


Mythos – Journey Review

Mythos' album Journey (2013) is, as the title implies, a voyage in sound. From modern electronic sounds to classically-inspired tracks, this is indeed … [Read More... New Age Music]


Deva Premal and Miten – Mantras for Life Review

Deva Premal and Miten's new album Mantras for Life is a collection of - yes, you guessed right - mantras. The selection is great, and they are … [Read More... New Age Music]


Peaceful Hearts – Terry Oldfield and Soraya Review

If I only were to listen to one New Age music album this year, Peaceful Hearts by Terry Oldfield and Soraya would be my choice. It is one of the most … [Read More... New Age Music]


David Arkenstone – Starlight Inception Review

Game music is rarely meant simply for listening. Much like film scores, it is background music made for a given context and often has little value for … [Read More... New Age Music]


Diane Arkenstone: Following the Equator

Diane Arkenstone's Following the Equator (2005) is without a doubt one of the finest New Age music albums released over the last 10-20 years. Its … [Read More... New Age Music]


Wychazel – The Healing Light of Isis review

Ancient Egypt is one of my favorite themes for a New Age music album. There's much about its mythology and the magic of pyramids that fit very well … [Read More... New Age Music]


John Adorney – The Wonder Well Review

It is easy to compare John Adorney's music with a magical well; it can be like a source for refreshment, relaxation and positive emotions. So when I … [Read More... New Age Music]


Transmission by Doucet and Buehner

According to one definition art is “the creation of beautiful or significant things”. A New Age music album that is both beautiful and significant is … [Read More... New Age Music]


Asher Quinn – State of Grace review

We don't have many artists like Asher Quinn in out genre. His great vocal and religious inspired music make him stand out. State of Grace is a … [Read More... New Age Music]


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