New Enya Album in 2014?


Update: The rumor was false - a song by Enya will not be used in the upcoming Hobbit movie. There is no news concerning a new album. But back in 2012 it was confirmed that Enya, Roma and Nicky Ryan were back in the studio working on new material. While we are waiting for the new album I decided … [Read more...]

New Age Music Top Selling Artists


There are not many New Age Music artists in the elite division of the American music business. But we have one or two true superstars here. Recording Industry Assosiation of America (RIAA) has recently published a list of the best of the best. The only two New Age music superstars in the US … [Read more...]

New Age Music Played Backwards


Everyone knows the joke; Q: What do you get when you play New Age music backwards? A: New Age Music. But is it really true? I tried this on a couple of the most famous songs in our genre. I have not been able to find out where this joke originates from. If anyone knows, please write a comment. … [Read more...]

Watermark 25th Anniversary Interview


In connection with Watermark's 25th Anniversary in September last year, an interview with Enya from 1988 was aired on Raidio na Gaeltachta. Here is the beginning of the English translation: Enya: This is my first solo album. I have two previous albums, but they were for films, the first one for … [Read more...]

Enya and Money – an update


While we are eagerly waiting for news regarding Enya's new album, Irish Newspaper has some news regarding her earnings in 2013 - entitled Cash pile at Enya's music business jumps by €220,000. The cash pile at Enya's music business firm last year jumped by over €220,000 -- even though … [Read more...]


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