Why Enya Should Release an Album in 2015


My! My! Time Flies! sings Enya on And Winter Came. It is now over 6 years since the release of her latest album. Some artists can afford to wait for years to release new material, and Enya is undoubtedly one of them. But it is a new day in the music business. Today it's all about streaming, and the … [Read more...]

Accumulated profits at Enya’s music firm top €1m


Accumulated profits at Enya’s music business firm topped €1m last year, new figures show. Recently-filed accounts for the singer’s Aigle Music Company Ltd show that accumulated profits dropped marginally from €1.173m to €1.074m in the 12 months to the end of June, last. The figures also show … [Read more...]

Christmas with Enya


At the moment we don't know much about the new Enya album. One thing is certain though: It will not be a Christmas album since her last album was And Winter Came (2008). So while we are waiting, why not listen to some of her Christmas classics? There are a few Enya Christmas releases available. … [Read more...]

The Album That Made Enya Into A Superstar


More than 25 years after its initial release, Enya's Watermark has proven itself as a timeless classic. I believe Enya when she says she was surprised by the album's immediate success. Yet its amazing qualities is impossible not to be affected by, and it made Enya into platinum selling artist. Join … [Read more...]

Enya’s Next Album


When will Enya's new album be released? As of writing we don't know. The only information we have is that Enya, Roma and Nicky have been to Abbey Road Studios working on some new material. But while we are waiting, let's do some qualified guessing on how the album might be. If nothing else it will … [Read more...]

Enya, Van Damme And The Volvo Ad


Click to read the fascinating story behind Volvo Trucks' ad "The Epic Split", where Enya's music is heard to Van Damme's truck stunt. This is from AdAge.com: Part of what makes Volvo Trucks' ad "The Epic Split" so brilliant and bizarre is its soundtrack: Who expects to see a stunt by action star … [Read more...]

Standoff between Enya and Lana Del Rey


Christine Wolfe on Harvardindependent.com has written a great article called Wild Child - A musicoethical standoff between Enya and Lana Del Rey. Read how that imaginative fight played out: For all of human history, conflict has spurred culture. Whether two empires at war, two political systems at … [Read more...]

New Enya Album in 2014?


Sadly there is no news concerning an Enya album with release in 2014. But back in 2012 it was confirmed that Enya, Roma and Nicky Ryan were back in the studio working on new material, but it seems like we will have to wait some more for a new album by world's no. 1 New Age music artist. While … [Read more...]

New Age Music Top Selling Artists


There are not many New Age Music artists in the elite division of the American music business. But we have one or two true superstars here. Recording Industry Assosiation of America (RIAA) has recently published a list of the best of the best. The only two New Age music superstars in the US … [Read more...]

New Age Music Played Backwards


Everyone knows the joke; Q: What do you get when you play New Age music backwards? A: New Age Music. But is it really true? I tried this on a couple of the most famous songs in our genre. I have not been able to find out where this joke originates from. If anyone knows, please write a comment. … [Read more...]


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