Sure Signs of Enigma 8


Not much is known at the moment, but we are now seeing signs that Enigma's 8th album - or E8 - is well under way. has just changed lay out. Now it features a gate with some sound effects. Check it out here. It is interesting though, that this Medieval gate and the voices in the … [Read more...]

Supreme Court Ruling in the Cretu Case


Spanish Supreme Court has upheld the verdict against Michael Cretu in the case relating to the 1996 building of his Ibiza mansion. Cretu was sentenced to six months imprisonment, a fine and court expenses of 10.800 Euros. The mansion was demolished in May 2008. The high court rejected the … [Read more...]

From Romantic Ballads to Enigma


When searching for Enigma's roots, Michael Cretu's solo albums from the late 1970s and early 80s are a great place to start. The first two albums are Moon, Light and Flowers (1979) and Legionnaires (1983). Is there something "enigmatic" to be found here - or is it plain, early 1980s German pop?  … [Read more...]

1992 Enigma Sampling Controversy


Google has scanned many great books. One of them is the essay collection Music and Technoculture, published by Wesleyan University Press in 2003. Here is an essay by Timothy D. Taylor entitled A Riddle Wrapped in a Myster, Transnational Music Sampling and Enigma’s Return To Innocence. The essay … [Read more...]

The Enigma – E8 – Studio


Michael Cretu of Enigma has always made sure to use the latest studio technology available. In this way he has been able to produce new and fresh sounds, and each Enigma album is closely connected to the technology used. On Enigma's 8th album - E8 - he is using his studio called Merlin.  The … [Read more...]

While we are waiting for Enigma 8 – or E8


The new Enigma album will be released late 2014 or sometimes in 2015. While waiting I have reposted my review of Seven Lives Many Faces from 2008. It goes like this: A new Enigma album is always exciting. Since the first album in 1990, Michael Cretu’s one man project has continued to grow and … [Read more...]

Michael Cretu and the Samurai


When looking at the Enigma discography it is easy to overlook Michael Cretu’s solo works. Even though his early LPs are mostly labeled as pop, there is plenty here for the Enigma fan – or any new age music fan for that matter – to enjoy. Michael Cretu (born 1957) debuted as an artist in 1979 with … [Read more...]

A look at the Enigma Classic Album Selection reviews


The 5 CD Enigma Classic Album Selection has now been out for a few weeks - so I wanted to check out what reviewers were saying about it. From As part of an extensive series of reissues, Universal Music has re-released groundbreaking albums from famed German experimentalists … [Read more...]

Case Against Michael Cretu


According to Spanish newspaper Diario de Ibiza, Michael Cretu has been sentenced to 6 months in prison by the Provincial Court. He has been tried for the construction of his mansion in Sant Antoni de Portmany, on the west coast of Ibiza. The house was demolished in 2009 following a court ruling that … [Read more...]


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